Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The mystery of the lost cushions

Last summer, when I was on holiday in Austria,  I did some embroidery. It's relaxing, fun and you don't have to take a lot with you. I was happy to have finished a bunch of pillow cases.

I even made photographs of them when I was home. 
A few weeks ago I decided to finish them so I could list them on Etsy.
You won't believe it...they were GONE!!!

I mean really gone, I searched everywhere, in cupboards, boxes, shelves and in all the rooms of the house (even the bathroom).

No where to be found. I thought I must have thrown them away by mistake. It happens, miniatures get lost sometimes. They're usually pretty small and are easily overlooked.

In the drawer of my desk, which by the way I use all the time, there they were! Neatly packaged in a plastic bag, in plain sight.
I swear something fishy is going on. Who ever put them there, and when, and why??

So, after months I was finally able to sew and fill the pillow cases.

I better take pictures of them and list them as soon as possible. I don't want to lose them again!

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